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Thursday 17 May 2012

Rotary supports ShelterBox Response Team in Peru
Rotary supports ShelterBox Response Team in Peru US-based SRT volunteers Alan Monroe, Bruce Heller and Derek Locke outside Iquitos Rotary Club, Peru, May 2012.

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members have been working with local Rotarians in the flooded Amazonian region of Iquitos in northern Peru. 

Iquitos Rotary Club, District 4460, is playing an active role in the deployment. Providing a translator and funding the transport of the ShelterBoxes up the river to distribute to families in need are just some of the ways the Rotarians have supported the SRT. They also continue to lend a helpful hand in overcoming various logistical challenges. 

Hugo Chacaltana has been the President of the club for 15 years. He said this is their first time working for ShelterBox as they only learned about the charity through its current response in the South American country: 

Iquitos Rotary Club President Hugo Chacaltana, SRT volunteer Derek Locke and Santiago Camacho, a member of the Rotary Club and translator for the Response Team. 

"It is a pleasure to work with ShelterBox and help the affected families because our Rotary Club exists to serve others and that is also what ShelterBox does."

"People appreciate the help, and though it might be hard for them to understand the full scope of what is being done to help them, they are aware people from all over the world have made donations."

US-based SRT volunteer and Rotarian Derek Locke has been in Iquitos for almost three weeks addressing the needs of the families made homeless by the floods: 

"The local Rotary club does a lot of good work, including water projects, but the locals don't know much about them. Having the Rotary logo on the tents is helping the people of Iquitos become more aware of the work that Rotarians do, which is great."

Floods in Iquitos, April 2012.

The team is also working with national and regional governments to determine the need for emergency shelter for those displaced by the disaster. 

With more ShelterBoxes due to arrive over the next few days, thirty ShelterBoxes have been distributed to families in Indiana and San Juan Bautista so far. 

To find out more about how ShelterBox and Rotary work together, please go here.
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