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Tuesday 01 November 2011

ShelterBox continues to distribute aid in flood-stricken Thailand
ShelterBox continues to distribute aid in flood-stricken Thailand
Photograph by Jen Kormendy.

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members in Thailand are working hard to deliver emergency shelter as thousands of people continue to be affected by the widespread floods.

According to the Government of Thailand homes and farmland have been swamped in 26 provinces and the heavy flooding has cut off hundreds of roads. So far over 250 ShelterBox tents and 1000 mosquito nets have been distributed to families in need.

The tents make a real difference to people who have lost their homes. SRT member, Jennifer Kormendy (CA), described the situation for one young mother and her family: 'While at the evacuation centre, we met a woman with a five-day old baby. The baby was born on the boat as she was evacuated from her flooded home. She is overjoyed to be receiving a ShelterBox to house her young family and to have privacy as she settles in with her new baby.'

The team has been working alongside the Royal Thai Army to put up 100 tents in a stadium in Kokatiem. ‘The tents are already in full use by families who have been forced to abandon their homes,’ explained SRT member Stephen Crabtree (UK). ‘The army expects the site to be in use for around two months, so it is essential that it is well set up with secure, weather-proof shelter and good water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.’

In addition to the provision of emergency shelter, ShelterBox water purifiers and water carriers have been distributed to temples, churches and mosques where they are accessible to those who need them. ShelterBox tool kits have been provided to local electricians for making essential repairs after the flood damage.

The team has also delivered a number of ShelterBox Classrooms in a Box to schools that have been badly affected by the floods. The Government of Thailand has announced that the start of the second school semester will have to be postponed in 13 flood-torn provinces due to water damage and access problems. The ShelterBox kits, each of which provides school equipment for 50 children and essential equipment for teachers, will help the schools get up and running again as quickly as possible.

View photographs from the team working in the region below or online here

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