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Tuesday 18 October 2011

ShelterBoxes deployed in storm ravaged Philippines
ShelterBoxes deployed in storm ravaged Philippines
ShelterBox tents have been pitched for many communities across the Luzon area.

Vital ShelterBox aid is being distributed in the Philippines where two tropical storms, Typhoon Nesat and Nalgae, struck within four days leaving families stranded by floodwaters and with no homes to return to.

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member, David Webber (UK), reports that approximately two hundred ShelterBoxes are being distributed in the North East province of Isabela. Fellow SRT members, Jodie Hurt (UK) and Abner Tayco (PH), are further south in Bulacan province with an additional three hundred boxes that are being deployed with the assistance of the Red Cross, local Rotary and the Social Welfare Departments.

The two teams have allocated aid with maximum effect across a number of cities, towns and villages; pitching tents where they can while floodwaters gradually recede.

However, despite conditions slowly becoming better, David said that the double blow of typhoons has left local communities destroyed.

‘The typhoons followed exactly the same path, blowing through wood and corrugated iron constructed homes. The storms, and monsoon rains that followed, have struck the poorest of the poor. We are housing those families that have been left with absolutely nothing,’ he said.

Jodie Hurt reiterated that the structure of such homes had no answer to two of the strongest storms the region has ever seen.

‘Many of the homes destroyed in rural areas were Nipa huts, made of mud and banana tree leaves, and the families are extremely reluctant to leave their land. We’ve done our very utmost to provide the homes they so desperately need after such chaos,’ she said.

There are still more ShelterBoxes to distribute as areas of land are continually identified for distribution.
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