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Thursday 08 September 2011

Cooperation is key in East Africa
Cooperation is key in East Africa

Mr Abdi Bishar from Oxfam explains to Mrs Fatuma Abdirahman and her family about health and hygiene in their new home.

Over one thousand people are being moved into ShelterBox tents every day as ShelterBox continues to co-operate with other charities and the international community in the collective effort to support families affected by the East Africa crisis.

World Vision has already assisted in transporting 5,000 ShelterBox tents into the region and the IOM (International Organization for Migration) and the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) are offering organisational support in moving families into the camp as quickly and efficiently as possible.

75 acres of land have been secured to make Ifo 2, an extension of the original Ifo camp in Dadaab with one section filled exclusively with ShelterBox tents. Between 150 and 200 tents will be pitched every day ready to protect the lives of families moving in.

Joe Cannon, a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) member who has recently returned from Kenya, said: ‘Seeing the amount of people who were arriving at the refugee camp is what motivated us on a daily basis. It inspired us to put up tents as fast as we could and the help we received from other aid agencies such as World Vision, IOM and the UNHCR is helping the overall effort immensely.

‘However, with tens of thousands of refugees arriving at the IFO camp daily the need for emergency aid continues.’
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