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Thursday 04 August 2011

URGENT APPEAL: ShelterBox Responding to Global Crises – East Africa, Philippines, Libya
URGENT APPEAL: ShelterBox Responding to Global Crises – East Africa, Philippines, Libya

The drought affecting the Eastern Horn of Africa is the worst the region has seen in 60 years. Millions of families have been affected by massive water and food shortages, and the drought and on-going conflict in Somalia is causing families to flee their homes, with thousands arriving at refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia every day. 

The need for shelter is evident and ShelterBox is responding to help the most vulnerable. ShelterBox Response Team member Mike Greenslade, speaking from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, recently said, “The people fleeing the famine have only what they can carry and the need for emergency shelter is enormous. Plans and logistics are in place to move aid quickly to the worst affected areas.” 
Children are particularly vulnerable to the famine. In Ethiopia, ShelterBox is working to provide shelter for refugee families fostering orphans and unaccompanied minors. 
ShelterBox is working closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Kenya. The refugee camps in Dadaab, 100 km from the Kenya-Somalia border, were originally designed to accommodate 90,000 refugees but the latest figures indicate that close to 400,000 people are living in and around the camps. 

To date, ShelterBox has committed emergency shelter and life-saving supplies for up to 3,600 families in Kenya and Ethiopia and stands ready to continue helping those in greatest need. 
In Libya, civil unrest has led to an urgent and growing humanitarian crisis. ShelterBox has formed a partnership with the Agency for Technical Cooperation and Development and the Libyan Red Crescent Society to safely and efficiently deliver 150 ShelterBoxes and 300 tents to the people most in need. In addition, 50 boxes containing classroom equipment will be distributed in September to schools affected by the conflict to ensure that they can reopen in time for the start of the new academic year. 

In addition to these on-going humanitarian crises, ShelterBox is also responding following widespread flooding and landslides in the Philippines. Hundreds of families have been displaced in the Bicol Region due to destruction caused by Tropical Storm Juaning. Many families have lost their homes and belongings, and ShelterBox aid is en route. 

It’s crucial that we secure support for aid for families in these countries, as well as in preparation for the next inevitable disasters. We cannot accept location-specific donations, but we rely on your support to prepare for the next inevitable disasters—to send aid to disaster survivors around the world.   
Not only do we provide complete ShelterBox kits but also disaster-specific equipment—whether that be 10,000 sets of hats, gloves and scarves following the Japan earthquake and tsunami or 20,000 water purification units provided to survivors of last year’s disaster in Pakistan.
We are asking you to support the ShelterBox Solution. Doing so ensures we are able to send the most vital aid wherever, whenever it is needed.  Donations to the ShelterBox Solution fund will be used to procure and deploy all types of ShelterBox aid—including tents, stoves, tool kits and water purification units—for multiple disasters. Box numbers are not assigned to donations to this fund.
Your support of the ShelterBox Solution allows us the flexibility to respond instantly to disasters around the world. We need your help today. Please consider supporting the ShelterBox Solution and our efforts to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to the world’s most vulnerable. 
We need your help today. Please consider supporting the ShelterBox Solution and our efforts to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to the world’s most vulnerable. To contribute to the fund, click here or below.
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