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Thursday 16 January 2014

ShelterBox is chosen charity for Stefan G. Bucher’s limited edition Valentine’s Day postcards
ShelterBox is chosen charity for Stefan G. Bucher’s limited edition Valentine’s Day postcards
MOO.COM has launched Stefan G. Bucher’s “Love Cells” for The Luxe Project. 100% of the proceeds from the Valentine’s Day collection will benefit ShelterBox USA.
Stefan Bucher takes an up-close look at love – a microscopic look to be exact – for his just launched “Love Cells,” the Valentine’s Day postcard collection for The Luxe Project. Bucher has selected ShelterBox USA to receive 100% of the net proceeds from sales of the collection. 
The German-born designer (whose book You Deserve a Medal: Honors on the Path to True Love is widely recognized as a classic of romantic research literature) says of his heartfelt, hand-drawn cellular designs, “Love changes everything. It makes your whole body recreate itself into a better, sweeter you. Love gets into your cells. I just put a microscope to it.” 
“Love Cells” is a collection of super-thick Luxe Postcards that are available in 10-packs with matching envelopes for $29.99. The backs of the cards can be ordered blank for handwriting notes, or can be customized with a personal message. For the front of the cards, Bucher hand-drew 10 different beautiful, brightly colored cell-like patterns with hidden hearts. “Some cards have more hearts than others, so you can pick the perfect level of understatement or exuberance for each recipient,” he says. 
When you put the 10 cards together, they form different patterns. “You can rearrange your set of cards into a few different configurations, because that’s just fun! Perhaps you can use the cards to invite nine people you love for a picnic, then reunite all the cards when you see each other,” says Bucher. 

Bucher chose ShelterBox USA as the charity to receive 100% of the net proceeds from the sales of his collection. “Their mission is to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to disaster and conflict survivors also comes with an edict to provide transparency to their donors, a value I hold in high regard. This is an agency that moves quickly and with purpose, and does what it sets out to do with a mostly volunteer workforce. I’m a fan.” 
Yi Shun Lai, a volunteer for ShelterBox USA and writer who has previously worked with Bucher, said, “We’re so honored that Stefan chose ShelterBox USA as his charity for the MOO Luxe Project. We’re an agile agency that loves innovation and values forward thinking, so we’re especially pleased to have a designer and company who also value those qualities helping to raise awareness and funds for our efforts, which often are in places that never make the international media.” 
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