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Wednesday 20 March 2013

ShelterBox welcomes Les Stroud, Survivorman as celebrity spokesperson
ShelterBox welcomes Les Stroud, Survivorman as celebrity spokesperson

ShelterBox is proud to welcome Les Stroud, best known as the producer and star of the hit TV series Survivorman, as a celebrity spokesperson to help raise awareness of families affected by disaster.  
Stroud knows what it means to survive when you have nothing. In the internationally broadcasted series Survivorman, he survives alone in remote wilderness locations from Papua New Guinea to the Arctic tundra, taking no food, shelter, water, tools or camera crew. Stroud is also a survival expert for the Canadian Military Armed Forces. 
“Around the world families are thrown into tragic disasters unprepared to simply survive. ShelterBox can provide the desperately needed lifesaving supplies to ensure that children and adults alike can make it through what are often horrific ordeals. What I have done for many years has been to practise and teach survival through my film work. But that is nothing compared to what many families must go through for real. ShelterBox is there to help them through. To help them to survive”  Stroud said.
Stroud’s involvement with ShelterBox will help to raise awareness and much-needed funding to ensure that families receive shelter and other life-saving supplies in their hour of greatest need.
Watch Les explain how ShelterBox helps families survive when disaster strikes:

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