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Spend a night out under the stars! Be adventurous and camp out in an unusual place where no man has gone before... Do what you love and get sponsored for it. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you to sleep in a tent for a night or a week.

Join in the Big ShelterBox Camp Out and discover what you can do with a shelter to support ShelterBox. For example, you might:
  • Set up camp in a very public place, such as a school or town center (with permission of course!) to attract attention and talk to people about ShelterBox.
  • Ask a local camping store to donate prizes for a photo competition of the most unusual homemade shelter.
  • Ask friends and family to sponsor you to camp out in an unusual place. You could do this as a group and exchange photos afterwards with a prize for the most unusual camping spot.
  • See how many tents you can put up in a designated (and approved!) area, such as a local sports field.
  • Host an unusual tea party or horror story evening for your friends in a tent and ask them to make a donation to ShelterBox.