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Combined Federal Campaign

ShelterBox USA's charity code: 89030

If you are a federal employee, you can support our global disaster relief efforts by making a donation through the Combined Federal Campaign at your workplace. 

Combined Federal Campaign is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace charity campaign, with more than 200 CFC campaigns throughout the country and internationally to help to raise millions of dollars each year.

As a federal civilian, postal or military employee, you have the option to select ShelterBox USA (charity code #89030) as the recipient of your donation 
during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th).

Click here for more information about the CFC. 


1) Find out who runs the CFC campaign at your workplace.

2) Ask him/her for a pledge card or how to make your pledge electronically. Your campaign may also have its own Web site with more information. 

3) Designate your contribution to ShelterBox USA by using charity code #89030. 

Thank you for choosing to provide shelter, warmth and dignity to disaster survivors worldwide!