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From the Field

ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) members hand deliver aid directly to disaster victims around the world. These dedicated volunteers help families rebuild their lives by delivering shelter, warmth, and dignity—carrying out the ShelterBox mission. John Cordell, an SRT member from Vancouver, WA, tells us about his most recent deployment.

SRT Team Member: John Cordell
Most Recent Deployment: Philippines, December 2012
SRT since: January 2009
Number of Deployments: 13
Profession: Retired police officer and SWAT team member

Describe what you saw when you first arrived on the scene in the Philippines. 
As we were driving, I saw miles and miles of people lined up on both sides of the road holding cardboard signs asking for donations of food or water, eyes desperate and scared. I have never seen anything like it on previous deployments.

Tell us about why you became an SRT.
For me this is all about team. I find satisfaction from helping people in need of course ... after all, I made a career of serving the public.... but my real interest in SRT is the experience of working with a team. Developing a team, grooming a team, keeping a team safe, is as important to me as the completion of any mission. I am here for the team.

Ambassador of the Month

ShelterBox Ambassadors are the face of ShelterBox in their communities. These volunteers build awareness by giving presentations to civic groups such as Rotary Clubs, Scout troops, service clubs and other organizations about ShelterBox's mission.

Ed Bell

A volunteer since 2009, Ed is an active member of not only the Ambassador team, but also in the Marblehead Harbor Rotary Club. From an annual display at a local farmers' market to pitching the tent on the lawn of a public library, he has worked with all types of organizations including churches, Interact and Rotary Clubs. Ed has been extremely successful, raising more than $74,000 in donations!

Congratulations and thank you, Ed!