Be involved


eBay is the world famous online marketplace where you can buy and sell a whole range of items.

Through eBay Giving Works, you can support ShelterBox's mission of providing shelter, warmth and dignity to disaster survivors worldwide!  

What is eBay Giving Works?

ShelterBox USA is a member of the eBay Giving Works program. As a seller participating in the eBay Giving Works program, you can donate a percentage (10-100%) of your sales to ShelterBox USA. Or as a buyer, you can purchase items that have a percentage of the total sale price going to support our mission. Be sure to choose ShelterBox USA as your charity! Click here to learn more. 

Setting up an account is straightforward. There are a couple of online forms to complete and if you also open a PayPal account, you will be able to accept electronic payments, greatly increasing your chance of a sale. 

It pays to take note of the 'selling tips' listed on the site. Items are more likely to sell if there is a clear, simple description of the item and a good photograph. Whatever proportion of your sales you choose to donate, or how many items you choose to buy that support ShelterBox, you will be helping to provide shelter,warmth and dignity to a family that have lost everything.

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The Big Clear Out

Turn the stuff you don't need into lifesaving equipment that people desperately need by selling your unwanted possessions in aid of ShelterBox.

Check your closets, garage or storage facility to find items that can be sold to raise money for our disaster relief efforts around the world. 

Hold a yard sale or sell them online using eBay Giving Works