Be involved

The first step in personal fundraising is to create your very own customized fundraising page. This will make it easy to collect donations and track your progress. You can promote your page in person, via social media, through emails, and more.

a step-by-step guide to help you succeed: 
1) Set up your fundraising page and fundraising goal.
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2) Segment your asks. Research shows people are more likely to donate toward a goal that's close to being met. To ensure success:
-First, ask your very close friends and family - those who can't say "no" to you! 
-Then, ask your close friends. 
-Finally, ask your wider network of friends and colleagues. 
3) Utilize social media to spread the word about your efforts. Post your fundraising link to your Facebook, Twitter and other pages.  
4) Use powerful stories and videos to make your case. Share photos, videos and testimonials in your emails and social media asks.

5) Thank your donors and tell them about the impact that their gifts have made!


Download logos and branding guidelines here.