Be involved
Become A ShelterBox Expert
Download facts about disasters, their effects and ShelterBox’s response to families in need after a disaster. Begin with our Fact Sheet and our Deployment sections.

Use Fresh Fundraising Ideas
From asking for donations in lieu of birthday gifts to hosting a movie night where friends donate the cost of a movie ticket to ShelterBox, there are many fun, new ways to fundraise. Check out these cool ideas.

Announce Your Cause
The more people who know about your mission, the more impact you will make!
One easy way to start is by simply sending out an email. Personalize this sample letter or write
your story in your own words. Review this checklist to ensure you don't leave anyone out!

Use Social Media    
These short messages can be key to a successful campaign. Check out these statistics:
Use some of our sample social media posts or create your own - Either way be sure to include a link to your personal fundraising page!

There are a variety of ways to accomplish this important step, such as with an individual e-mail, private Facebook message, phone call or even a text message.

Did you know text messages are especially effective as they have a 95% open rate? They will definitely see your reminder!

Say Thank You
Everyone who gives a gift, whether by check or online, should receive a personal thank-you letter.  Here is a template to customize. This is a great way to also share the results of your efforts as well as the impact their contribution will make. You may wish to include the Your Donation: What's Next? video



The first step in personal fundraising is to create your very own customized fundraising page. This will make it easy to collect donations and track your progress. You can promote your page in person, via social media, through emails, and more.

To begin designing your page, visit !