Be involved

ShelterBox has created a collection of tools designed to bring ShelterBox into your congregation and form a partnership that will address real world problems with powerful and life-altering solutions.

In the Congregational Resource Packet, you will find: These resources were created to be used individually or together. This allows you to pick and choose which programs will work best for your congregation’s needs.

By combining the time and talents of your whole congregation, your efforts can dramatically impact families who have lost everything. You can be a sign of hope to survivors living with the challenge of rebuilding their lives.

A perfect way to introduce ShelterBox to your congregation is with a presentation. Bring in an expert to teach your group about ShelterBox and our mission. To keep promotion simple, use our flyer template.

Additional Programs

Did you know ShelterBox has created a curriculum designed specifically
for children?  Click here for our Young ShelterBox Club launch.

Use the Ripple Effect skit to show people how far every effort for ShelterBox reaches. The work of one team member spreads from individual to individual, and at the same  time, community to community.

The ShelterBox Experience is a fun and interactive activity where people are tasked to become ShelterBox Response Team members for the day to complete a series of tasks to provide shelter, warmth, and dignity to those displaced due to a mock disaster.

A Global Gift Fair is an event where people can learn about ShelterBox’s work and “buy” Global Gifts that will provide aid to a family in need. 

Global Gift Fair step-by-step guide
Global Gift Fair flyer
Global Gift Fair news release
Global Gift Catalog
Global Gift Fair shopping list
Global Gift credit card slips