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Flooding and volcanic activity

Tuesday, March 22: All ShelterBoxes are successfully distributed and the team returns home.

thursday, march 17:  200 ShelterBox have now been committed to Bolivia where a ShelterBox Response Team is working to help families left displace after heavy rain caused widespread flooding. Thousands have been left homeless by the flooding. So far 125 ShelterBoxes have been delivered to families who lost their homes in the floods.

Thursday, March 3: 
ShelterBox is responding to widespread flooding in the South American country of Bolivia where a national emergency has been declared. Weeks of heavy rain in Bolivia have triggered widespread flooding and landslides which have killed 50 people and left thousands homeless.

SRT members Jon Chalcraft (UK), Joe Cannon (UK), Rikke Jacobsen (DK) and Keith Henderson (US) are en route to the country and will be working with the local Rotary network to establish the areas of greatest need.  back