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Flooding and volcanic activity

Saturday, march 26:  All ShelterBoxes are successfully distributed and the team returns home.

thursday, march 17: A ShelterBox Response Team is working in Madagascar to help provide emergency shelter and lifesaving equipment to those families who have lost everything following the devastating cyclone that tore through the region. SRT member Marie Mariotte (FR) describes the team's progress so far: 

"After arriving in Madagascar’s south, near Abovombe, myself and fellow Response Team member Peter Pearce were emotionally moved by the sight of 500 families who had lost everything due to rising flood waters in the aftermath of Cyclone Bingiza," she said.

"Can you imagine what it’s like to lose your home, all its contents, your cattle, your land and your ability to earn an income?" she asks. "People we met had been stranded in trees for up to four days before help arrived. We were the only aid agency present to provide shelter to these people in desperate need."

400 ShelterBoxes and 4 classrooms in a Box have so far been committed to Madagascar from the UK.

thursday, february 24:
On February 14 the Cyclone Bingiza struck Madagascar causing a landfall killing 16 people and destroying 6,000 homes.

ShelterBox Response Team members Sally Buck and David Webber were deployed and are assessing the need for aid in the region. This is the first time that ShelterBox has deployed to Madagascar.