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ShelterBox assists the most vulnerable families who lose their homes and possessions after a disaster or other humanitarian crisis. Meet a few of the thousands of families we help every year. 

Joseph and Luncia
Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines  

After Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in November 2013, Luncia Tragura and her grandson, Joseph ran to the village school to take shelter. They returned five days later to an empty plot of land in Dagami municipality on the Leyte islands. Their neighbors helped them put together a ramshackle coco-leaf structure with twisted corrugated iron roof salvaged from the storm wreckage.
Joseph, now 18-years-old, had suffered from meningitis at the age of two, and was left with impaired speech and movement, and an inability to use his right arm. Luncia has raised him since his mother died in childbirth 14 years ago. At 78-years-old, she earns a modest income by working in the village and could not afford to rebuild the home that had been the product of a lifetime’s earning.
When a ShelterBox Response Team, including Owen Smith set up their ShelterBox tent, Luncia cried. “As we showed her the kitchen set, the ground mats and blankets, a huge and irrepressible smile broke out. We knew we had found a good home for the box,” said Owen.

Mohammad Family
Syrian Crisis, Lebanon

More than three years have passed since the conflict first began in Syria and 2.5 million refugees, 75 percent of them women and children, continue to survive in neighboring countries.
Abo Mohammad and his family are from Damascus, where ongoing violence forced them to flee for safety. “I remember walking in the street and a rocket would suddenly fall and hit a nearby car, killing everyone inside, or a man walking past you would suddenly be shot dead by a sniper,” he said. While he hopes to return home in the future, he is glad his family is safe and has a place to live.

Jerry and Cecilia
Tornadoes, USA - Oklahoma 

Deadly tornadoes impacting families in and around Moore, Okla. in May 2013 left a trail of destruction. For weeks, families in the rural communities of Bethel Acres and Little Axe were living in cars, under tarps and in camping tents not suitable for extreme weather conditions.
Jerry and Cecilia were among the families whose houses were completely destroyed. “It means a lot that people care,” said Cecilia. Whether families need help on the opposite end of the globe or in our own backyard, ShelterBox is there.

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