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ShelterBox responds to disasters around the world, including the United States. 

Damage by storms in Alabama, June 2011

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Deadly tornadoes impacting families in and around Moore, Okla. in May 2013 left a trail of destruction. For weeks, families in the rural communities of Bethel Acres and Little Axe were living in cars, under tarps and in camping tents not suitable for extreme weather conditions.

Afton with son, Colton, Oklahoma tornado survivors, May 2013

Afton, her two children and mother, Sherrie, were devastated after the tornadoes destroyed their home, 
leaving it ridden with black mold and uninhabitable. 
They lost most of their possessions and had few options, living in a standard tent, until ShelterBox relief tents arrived.  
“We would still be living in those regular tents and hoping they don’t collapse on us,” said Afton. 
“You have all these people who come and help you. I just want to thank everybody. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be where I am right now,” Sherrie said, with heartfelt emotion. “And I truly appreciate everything everybody has done.” 

Jerry and Cecilia, Oklahoma tornado survivors, May 2013

Jerry and Cecilia were among the families whose houses were completely destroyed. “It means a lot that people care,” said Cecilia.

Whether families need help on the opposite end of the globe or in our own backyard, ShelterBox and our donors are there.